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2 Pes Eyebrow Razor and Comb

৳ 180.00 ৳ 150.00

For best results, only use 2 Pes Eyebrow Razor and Comb three times before tossing it. Depending on how much facial hair you have, you may shave your face as little as once a month or up to one to two times per week.

3 Pes Eyebrow Razor

৳ 180.00 ৳ 150.00

We Present New Women 3 Pes Eyebrow Razor. 1) First remove the safety cap from razor. * Glide the razor softly downward, don’t press too hard. *for more effective use, apply the shaving cream before shaving. after use, be sure to put the safety cap on the razor and keep it out of children’s reach. Eyebrow Razor has a stainless steel safety cover attached to each blade to protect woman’s sensitive skin and prevent the blade from cutting too closely while shaving.

Lameila Eyebrow Razor

৳ 150.00 ৳ 99.00

This Lameila Eyebrow Razor is easy to shape your eyebrow, and make your eyebrow stylish . Available in 3 colors .

☑Trim your eyebrow leaves no trace, smooths the skin gently, look beautiful and graceful.
☑Convenient to use, Slim, portable size so you are ready for a touch-up anytime, anywhere.
☑The perfect curve of eyebrow cutter fit for the eyebrow shape, allowing you to trim your eyebrows more easily at any different angles.
☑It works surprisingly well, sharp enough to shape my eyebrows but special blade won’t scratch you skin.
☑The eyebrow razor can be applied for removing your brow, man’s beard and face hair as other areas

Here you can get the Eyebrow Trimmer . which will help to trim your eyebrows very easily. Check that.