Listerine Miswak Mouthwash 500ml

৳ 700.00 ৳ 650.00
    • Fights germs


    • • Provides long lasting fresh breath


    • • Strengthens the teeth


    • • Reduces plaque and prevents tartar build-up


    • • Alcohol-free


Oral-B Pro-Expert Multi Protection Alcohol Free Mouthwash 500ml

৳ 800.00 ৳ 750.00
  • Kills germs, helps prevent cavities, fights plaque formation
  • Effective everyday support for people who need additional help in mouth hygiene
  • A pleasant mint taste
  • Helps protect against gum problems
  • Keeps clean in hard to reach areas
  • Freshens breath
  • Alcohol Free

Listerine Mouthwash Zero Mild Mint 500ml

৳ 700.00 ৳ 650.00

Listerine Cool Mint Milder Taste for a cleaner fresher mouth than brushing alone. The ZERO-ALCOHOL formula removes up to 97% of bad breath and plaque causing germs left after brushing. Just 30 seconds of rinsing, twice a day. Used twice a day LISTERINE® Cool Mint Milder Taste Mouthwash is proven to: 1. Kill germs Kills up to 97% of plaque causing and bad breath germs left behind after brushing 2. Reduce plaque 3. Maintain healthy gums Reduces plaque bacteria to maintain healthy gums 4. Freshen Breath Provides lasting fresh breath confidence

Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash 500ml

৳ 700.00 ৳ 650.00

Keep gums and teeth strong and healthy, and keep breath fresh.

Listerine Total Care Zero Mouth Smooth Mint Wash 500 ml

৳ 700.00 ৳ 650.00
  • 500-milliliter bottle of alcohol-free anticavity mouthwash in Fresh Mint flavor to improve oral health by helping to prevent cavities, strengthening teeth, and leaving a refreshing, clean feeling you can taste
  • Fluoride-rich mouthwash offers six benefits in one to kill germs that cause bad breath, strengthen teeth, help prevent cavities, restore enamel, clean your mouth and freshen breath

Listerine Fresh Burst Mouthwash 500ml

৳ 700.00 ৳ 650.00

Listerine fresh burst mouthwash 500ml provides 24 hour protection against plaque. Gives lasting fresh breath confidence and kills 99.9% of bacteria in lab tests. Listerine fresh burst is clinically proven to prevent and reduce plaque which is a major cause of gum disease. It removes 97% of germs left after brushing with 12 hour germ protection