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SkinFood Rice Daily Brightening Scrub Foam 150ml

৳ 1,300.00 ৳ 1,099.00

♦It contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals that brighten and nourish your skin to make it radiant.
♦Rice is a rich source of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that fights aging and free radical damage,
♦and linoleic acids. Linoleic acid is in the fatty acid family, which is essential for healthy skin.
♦It has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, softening skin and making it supple.
♦It also provides healing support to skin cell regeneration, making it a potent acne-fighter.

St. Ives Acne Control Oil Free Apricot Scrub 283 g

৳ 800.00 ৳ 650.00

St. Ives Acne Control Oil Free Apricot Scrub 283 g is a delicious face scrub that smells of fuzzy apricots, helps to exfoliate skin and deeply cleans pores for fresher than fresh skin.

  • Prevents Blemishes & Minimizes Pores
  • Natural Exfoliants Reveal Fresh, Clean Skin

Pax Moly Anti Cellulite Coffee Body Scrub 200ml

৳ 950.00 ৳ 850.00

A mild and gentle body scrub formulated with coffee bean and apricot seed extracts that work effectively as exfoliate & reduces cellulite. This anti-cellulite coffee body scrub of pax moly is the holy grail! The aroma of coffee will make you relax and you can feel the softness of your skin after a shower due to its exfoliating effects!! NO NEED TO GO TO SPA! Doing it at home is better!

  • Removes cellulite within a few weeks.
  • It helps tighten skin.
  • Stimulate blood circulation.
  • Radiant Glowing Complexion.
  • Rid of dead skin cells.
  • Boost the body’s natural process to develop new skin cells.

Milani Keep it Sweet Sugar Lip Scrub 02 Sugar Sweet

৳ 650.00 ৳ 450.00
  • Keep it sweet sugar lip scrub smoothes and exfoliates lips for an instant polished and revitalized look
  • Natural sugar granules soften skin with a kiss of sweetness, leaving lips feeling nourished and prepped for color

Revuele No Problem 3 In 1 Gel Scrub Mask With Activated Charcoal 150ml

৳ 550.00 ৳ 450.00
  • With Activated Charcoal, White Clay & Silver Ions Ag+
  • Against acne and blackheads
  • Renders your skin matte
  • Deep cleansing
  • Exfoliates your skin
  • Renders your skin matte

Cetaphil Extra Gentle Daily Face Scrub

৳ 1,950.00 ৳ 1,765.00

Cetaphil Extra Gentle Daily Scrub – Gently Exfoliates & Cleanses Without Over-drying – For All Skin Types – Non-Irritating & Hypoallergenic – Suitable For Sensitive Skin – 6 Fl. Oz.Cetaphil Extra Gentle Daily Scrub – This gentle facial cleanser removes dirt, oil and impurities while micro-fine granules buff away dry, dull skin to support natural surface cell turnover. Infused with skin conditioners and a vitamin complex, it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant. This cleanser is dermatologist tested and is clinically shown to be non-irritating, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Superdrug Deep Action Facial Scrub 150ml

৳ 1,050.00 ৳ 799.00

Deep Action Anti Blemish & Blackhead Facial Scrub is designed to help remove dirt, impurities, excess oil and dead skin cells from your skin leaving you with clearer, softer, brighter and more even skin with visible results from day 1! This purifying scrub is formulated with Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel to unclog pores in order to clear and prevent future blemishes and blackheads.

Revolution Beauty Skincare Glycolic Acid Glow Polisher-100ml

৳ 1,400.00 ৳ 1,150.00

Revolution Beauty Skincare Glycolic Acid Glow Polisher-100ml

Get a more luminous, smooth and radiant skin with this fantastic facial exfiliant.

This treatment will fill your face with shine.

Simple Daily Skin Detox Clear Pore Scrub 150ml

৳ 850.00 ৳ 799.00

Refresh and renew your skin with new Simple Daily Skin Detox Clear Pore Scrub, our exfoliating scrub specially designed for oily skin. Blended with thyme, zinc and witch hazel, this facial scrub cleanses deep down to help eliminate pore-clogging dirt, oil and make-up to leave skin purified. While added bamboo exfoliators gently refine pores and rough, uneven patches to leave skin clear and smooth.

In your daily cleaning routine a Scrub can make a huge difference. Scrub clean your skin deeply. Here we got the best Scrubs for you now in Bangladesh.