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Skin Care Absorbent Cosmetics Cotton Pads(One packet)

৳ 220.00 ৳ 150.00

Skin Care Absorbent Cosmetics Cotton Pads

1. This cosmetic cotton pads  made by 100% pure cotton
2. Soft, comfortable and unique surface structure make you feel relax
3. This cosmetic cotton pads are excellent for cleaning make-up, removing lipstick, removing nail polish, applying  moisturizers, patting with cleansing lotion, etc.
4. High temperature treatment and the use of special processing technology make sure the reliability of the cosmetic cotton pads
5. Good water absorption and discharging capacity, this cosmetic cotton pads make you feel relax and comfortable, no cotton residues.

PS Love This Super Soft 120 Pcs Round cosmetics cotton pad 

৳ 300.00

P.S Love This Super Soft 120 Pcs Round cosmetics cotton pad are made from 100% organic cotton, with two different fluff-free surfaces for your everyday beauty needs.

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Rose Water Cleanser & Sensitive Makeup Remover 100ml

৳ 450.00 ৳ 350.00


  • Micellar cleansing water with 99% ingredients of natural origin, cleanses, removes makeup and hydrates the skin all in one
  • This vegan micellar rose cleansing water is made with rose water and glycerin and formulated without alcohol, oils and fragrance
  • Rose micellar water that removes dirt, oil and makeup without rubbing hard, leaving the skin clean, refreshed and hydrated, without excessive drying
  • The micellar cleansing water with rose water and glycerin is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
  • We are inspired by nature: Garnier carries a variety of products for your hair and skin care needs, from shampoos, color care and styling products to formulas that cleanse, hydrate and repair the skin

W7 Multi-Use Micellar Water 250ml

৳ 650.00 ৳ 450.00


Staying inside all day has been causing havoc on our skin!

Having to stay at home may be frustrating but there’s never been a better time to focus on you!

Our Stay At Home Self-Care range is just what you need to embrace your face! Refresh, hydrate and cleanse your indoor skin!

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water Oil Infused 100 ml

৳ 450.00 ৳ 350.00


Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water Oil Infused 100 ml

  • Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil – 100mlIs Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water Right For Me?
  • Yes, if you are looking for an efficient, yet gentle cleanser that removes all make-up (even waterproof), impurities and dirt and leaves skin feeling nourished. Suitable even for dry, sensitive skin.
  • Why Is It Different?
  • Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water is an easy way to remove even waterproof make-up, and cleanse and nourish the feel of skin, in 1 step without rinsing.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Even For Sensitive Skin – 400ml

৳ 1,050.00 ৳ 850.00


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Even For Sensitive Skin – 400ml  is an easy way to remove make-up, soothe and hydrate the face, eye area, and lips, in 1 step without rinsing.

Simple Eye Make-up Remover 125mL

৳ 700.00 ৳ 599.00

Our Eye Make-up Remover is touch on stubborn make-up, even waterproof mascara, while being gentle on skin and eyelashes. Suitable for even sensitive skin.

Lameila Natural Cotton Pads Facial Makeup Remover 80 Pads B155

৳ 250.00 ৳ 199.00
  • Product Type: Cotton Pad
  • Material : 100% Natural Cotton
  • Capacity: 80 Pieces
  • Use : Makeup Remover
  • Gender: Women

Skin Cafe Makeup Cleansing Oil

৳ 550.00 ৳ 480.00

Complete makeup remover For all skin types

  • Powerful & effective
  • Perfectly removes makeup, dirt, and oil
  • For all type of skin
  • Keeps skin balanced & hydrated

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water 100ml

৳ 500.00 ৳ 350.00

The clever cleansing bubbles in micellar water lift make-up and impurities and unclog pores, leaving your skin feeling fresh and instantly hydrated.

Lameila Make-up Remover Cotton Pads – 120pcs B259

৳ 250.00 ৳ 220.00


Item:Cosmetic Cotton Pad

Material:Non-woven(It is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, featuring breathability, flexibility, lightweight, non-toxic and non-irritating properties.)

Size:As the photo shows.

Quantity:1 * Cosmetic Cotton Pad(120pcs)

Features: Mild delicate and without allergy, you can make it safe and fit for all skin. The ultra-thin design will help to reduce lotion waste. The cotton pad will not leave the remaining cotton and no fiber will drop off.

Simple Safe Travels Gift Set

৳ 900.00 ৳ 780.00
  • Simple Safe Travels Gift Set contains all she needs to keep her skin clean, glowing and protected when travelling, complete with a travel beauty bag – the perfect gift for her
  • Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes 7 pcs lift away dirt and impurities and remove make-up effectively, even waterproof mascara, while being gentle on your skin
  • Simple Mini Micellar Cleansing Water 50ml unclogs pores, cleanses and attracts dirt and impurities like a magnet without irritating the skin
  • Simple Moisturising Facial Wash 50ml cleverly hydrates while cleansing and washing away impurities without leaving your skin feeling tight or dry
  • These Simple skin care Christmas gifts for her are made with skin-loving ingredients and contain no artificial perfume or colour and no harsh chemicals that can upset your skin

Garnier Micellar Milky Cleansing Water 400 ml-Dry and Sensitive Skin

৳ 1,150.00 ৳ 799.00
  • Garnier Milky Micellar Water effectively cleanses skin for an easy and one step way to remove make-up from the face, eyes and lip area
  • Garnier Cleansing Water effectively cleanses and removes all traces of dirt, pollution and make-up from the skin
  • The Milky formula intensely hydrates while cleansing and being a make-up remover
  • Garnier Milky Micellar Water’s soothing and fragrance-free formula makes it suitable for even more sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically and opthalmologically cleanser tested on sensitive skin and eyes

BANILA CO Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original

৳ 1,700.00 ৳ 1,399.00
  • Formulated without:
    •Mineral oil
    •Artificial coloring

Ribana Make-up Remover Soap 95g

৳ 450.00

Ribana Make-up Remover Soap 95g Gently removes all traces of make-up. Powerful gentile cleanser.

Revolution Beauty x Pride Spirit Of Pride Shadow

৳ 950.00 ৳ 850.00


Immerse yourself in the spirit of pride with this palette full of sparkles, which includes 4 pressed glitter shades and 4 shadows of shimmer finish.

Perfect to give a colorful and lively touch to your daily looks.

To obtain a greater intensity of the shadows use the prebase of shadows Prime & Lock.

Use the Glitter Glue glue before applying the glitter, to achieve greater duration.


Boots Fragrance free Eye Make-up Remover Lotion 150ml

৳ 600.00 ৳ 499.00


Boots Fragrance free Eye Make-up Remover Lotion 150ml will remove dirt, make-up and even that stubborn waterproof mascara, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and beautifully soft.

Don’t worry we’ve had this dermatologically tested and the great news is that it’s even suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use

    • Don’t forget to shake well before use, pop some on a cotton wool pad, close your eyes and sweep downwards over your luscious lashes.

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial 25 Wipes

৳ 500.00 ৳ 399.00


Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial 25 Wipes  Wipes has become a beauty superhero, combining gentle and effective cleansing in one clever product. Simple has the magic of Micellar in our convenient face wipes format. Facial cleansing wipes are often the pick of busy beauty gurus needing a quick, on-the-go facial cleanser that removes impurities and even tough make-up with just one wipe.

Simply Cotton Wool Cleansing Balls White – 200pcs

৳ 350.00 ৳ 280.00

Simply Cotton Wool Cleansing Balls White – 200pcs are made from 100% pure cotton. Pure cotton is natural, soft, absorbent and gentle. Ideal for cosmetic, baby and family care.

Simply Cotton Wool Cleansing Balls – 200’s (12pcs) – Wholesale Pack

  • Cosmetic Brand: Simply
  • Cosmetic Range: Cotton Cleansing Balls
  • Cosmetic Type: Cotton Pads, Skin Care
  • Size: 200 Coton Balls
  • Packaging: Boxed
  • Wholesale Pack: 12 x Pack
  • Minimum Wholesale Quantity: 1

BANILA CO Clean It Zero Purifying Cleansing Balm 3-in-1 Makeup Remover

৳ 2,400.00 ৳ 1,699.00
  • Our Clean It Zero Purifying is infused with soothing and balancing ingredients for calm, clean skin.
  • Comfortable and healthy skin – Same makeup melting power as the original for even the most sensitive of skin types.
  • Added 7 Natural Herbs to keep problem skin balanced and helps to calm irritation.
  • Formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Mineral oil, Alcohol, Artificial coloring
  • Product details provided by: BANILA CO / BANILA CO USA direct headquarters located in South Korea and USA

Are you looking for a Eye Makeup Remover ? Don’t worry we have the best Eye Makeup Remover in Bangladesh.