Iunik Centella Bubble Cleansing Foam- 150ml

৳ 1,300.00

Gentle on skin, this multifunctioning cleansing foam not only rids makeup residues and dirt but also soothes, moisturizes, and balances skin’s pH levels. Thanks to its concentrated formula of 69% cica extract, it hydrates skin long after cleansing. Suitable for all skin types.

Iunik Centella Calming Gel Cream- 60ml

৳ 1,700.00 ৳ 1,099.00

Iunik Centella Calming Gel Cream- 60ml rich in 70% Sentella Leaf Extract, 10% Tree Leaf Extract and 6 kinds of Sprout Extract removes stains and wrinkles. Soothes the skin, keeps it fresh, increases elasticity.

Iunik Tea Tree Relief Serum- 50ml

৳ 1,700.00 ৳ 1,550.00

Formulated with 67% tea tree extract water and 19.5% centella extract, iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum provides relief from inflammation and irritation, soothes sensitivity, treats acne, and refines and smoothens one’s skin texture. Great for sensitive, irritated, troubled, or oily skin, it is also enriched with 6 sprout extract which is great for moisture and nutrition.