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Eco Tools Travel Perfecting Blender with Travel Case

৳ 550.00 ৳ 350.00

The EcoTools Travel Perfecting Blender is a soft, flexible sponge to blend foundation for flawless-looking skin. Best with liquid and cream foundation for full coverage. For on-the-go, protect sponge with the Travel Case.


  • 100% vegan
  • Dermatologist tested

E45 Dermatological Cream 125G

৳ 950.00 ৳ 750.00


E45 cream has been clinically proven to treat and soothe dry, itching, flaking, chapped, rough and calloused skin, sunburn and detergent hands. Its non-greasy emollient formulation leaves your skin soft, comfortable and relieved. E45 cream is also for more serious dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, ichthyosis and certain dry cases of psoriasis.

E.L.F. Baked Highlighter & Bronzer

৳ 650.00 ৳ 390.00

E.L.F. Baked Highlighter & Bronzer creates a radiant, sun-kissed look with this bronzer-highlighter duo. This formula is enriched with vitamin E and hydrating jojoba, rosehip, sunflower, apricot, and grape oils to nourish the skin.

E.L.F. Eyelid Primer – Pearl

৳ 450.00 ৳ 350.00

E.L.F. Eyelid Primer – Pearl Preps your eyelid for smoother, longer-lasting and crease-proof eyeshadow. The lightweight liquid formula quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear and increases eye color longevity. 

E.L.F. Matte Magic Mist & Set

৳ 750.00 ৳ 450.00

E.L.F. Matte Magic Mist & Set is this multipurpose Matte Magic Mist & Set spray gives your makeup a lasting, shine-free finish in seconds. Infused with vitamins B, E, and Arctium majus root. Enjoy a shine-free look today.

E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator – Pink Grapefruit

৳ 450.00 ৳ 270.00

Gently exfoliate lips to remove dry, chapped skin with our Lip Exfoliator! A sweet sugar and smoothing sensation, infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape, and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect. This Lip Exfoliator treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel.

E.L.F. Illuminating Palette

৳ 800.00 ৳ 499.00

Elf Illuminating Palette is bringing out your inner makeup artist with this 4 shade illuminating palette. Blend each shade to create a custom highlighting look for a gorgeous, glowing complexion that flatters any skin tone.

E.L.F. Matte Lip Color Hot Commodity

৳ 300.00 ৳ 180.00

This convenient lip pencil creates exact color application with twist up ease. The pigment rich color glides on effortlessly and easily to provide long lasting matte color. The enriched Vitamin A, C & E formula moisturizes and hydrates lips for beautiful healthy looking lips. Sharpener included.

E.L.F. Angled Eyeliner Brush

৳ 400.00 ৳ 240.00

This cruelty-free, synthetic bristle brush is soft, absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products.  For best results, clean or wipe brush after each use.

  • Use to apply eyeliner for perfect color application.
  • The thin pointed brush helps create an even and accurate color application.
  • Provides controlled placement for concentrated color right up to the lash line.

Eucerin Daily Hydration Lotion 500 Ml

৳ 2,150.00 ৳ 1,505.00

For over 100 years, Eucerin has led skin science innovation with an uncompromising commitment to quality. This products are respected and recommended by dermatologists. Trust Eucerin to give you and your family the feeling of confidence that comes from radiant, healthy-looking skin.

E.l.f. Blush Palette Glow

৳ 300.00 ৳ 180.00

E.l.f. Blush Palette Glow Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.
This silky smooth powder blush melts into the skin creating a beautiful brightened glow. Formulated to create lasting color that accentuates your features and flatters your skin tone. A built in mirror and brush are included for convenient flawless application.

E.L.F. Blushing Blush

৳ 400.00 ৳ 240.00

E.L.F. Blushing Blush is this blush enhances your natural, healthy glow and can be used to complement any makeup look. Formulated to create a lasting color that accentuates your features and flatters skin tone.

E.L.F. Illuminating MIST & SET

৳ 600.00 ৳ 360.00

E.L.F. Illuminating Mist & Set is the Illuminating Mist & Set spray gives your makeup a lasting radiant finish. Instantly achieve a glowy look with the green tea and vitamins A, C, and E infused formula. Enjoy refreshed skin and fade-free makeup with every use! The Small size is great for travel, while the Large size is perfect to use every day.

E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit-Medium

৳ 500.00 ৳ 300.00

Elf Eye brow Kit-Medium, create brows that are fuller, thicker, and more defined! The pigmented wax defines and shapes brows and the color complementing setting powder keeps them looking arched and perfected. The doubled sided Taklon brush has one side to help arch your brows while the other side aids in filling them in. This duo provides a lasting color definition for a naturally beautiful look.

E.l.f. Studio Baked Highlighter 83706 Blush Gems

৳ 650.00 ৳ 350.00

E.l.f. Studio Baked Highlighter 83706 Blush Gems creates a radiant glow with a sheer wash of shimmering color. Infused with Vitamin E and hydrating jojoba, rose hip, sunflower, apricot, and grape oils to nourish your skin. The highlighter can be applied wet for a vibrant effect or dry for sheer pigmentation.

E.L.F Shimmer Pink

৳ 350.00 ৳ 210.00
  • Eyes Lips Face
  • New
  • Creates a Radiant Glow on the Skin
  • Face
  • The Beautiful Shimmer Creates a Radiant Glow on The Skin
  • Perfecting for Illuminating the Face, Collarbone and Shoulders
  • Safe, Gentle Formula

E.L.F. Face Primer 30ml

৳ 1,250.00 ৳ 750.00

E.L.F. Face Primer 30ml is ideal for creating a smooth base for foundation, use this versatile mineral primer before applying makeup. The weightless silky formula is great for all skin types. This primer fills in fine lines and refines your complexion. Apply and let dry to enjoy makeup that blends smoothly and lasts all.

E.L.F. Contour Palette-Deep

৳ 800.00 ৳ 480.00

E.L.F. Contour Palette-Deep Sculpt, shade, and brighten with this 4 shade powder contour palette. It’s customizable to match your skin tone and is infused with vitamin E. Get a gorgeous, nourished complexion all day!

E.L.F. Small Stipple Brush

৳ 600.00 ৳ 360.00

E.L.F. Small Stipple Brush, Use the Small Stipple Brush to create soft layers by adding texture for a natural airbrushed result. The two layers of bristles create ultimate control from sheer to heavy coverage for small and hard to reach places. Ideal with liquid, cream or powder products, foundation, concealer, and cream blush. This cruelty-free brush is made with 100% animal hair-free, synthetic bristles.

E.L.F. Eye Primer & Liner Sealer Natural

৳ 450.00 ৳ 270.00

• Apply to the eyelid and blend in.
• Use the “seal” side and mix your favorite eyeshadow color in with the brush and apply it to the lash line as a liner.
• For best results wipe off and clean applicator before closing.
• Remove with eye makeup remover.

E.L.F. Tone Correcting Powder

৳ 600.00 ৳ 499.00

E.L.F. Tone Correcting Powder neutralize redness, or undertones and brighten your skin by using this lightweight formula. Enjoy a shine-free, blemish-free face with every use!

E.L.F Precision Liquid Eyeliner

৳ 450.00 ৳ 270.00

The long-lasting Precision Liquid Eye liner formula and pigment rich color glides on smoothly for defined and precise lines. Features a tapered brush design to create thin or bold lines for a custom look. Try a winged-eyeliner look and unleash your inner retro diva!

E.L.F. Powder Brush

৳ 800.00 ৳ 480.00
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BRUSHES: This brush is soft, absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products to create professional, sculpted looks. Use with powder or blush for perfect contouring for full coverage looks
  • HOW TO USE: Swirl the brush over powder, blush, or bronzer, tap off the excess and blend onto skin using large, circular motions
  • 100% CRUELTY-FREE & VEGAN: Proud to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free, worldwide. Because kindness is chic
  • FREE FROM: All e.l.f. products are 100% free from phthalates, parabens, nonylphenol, ethoxylates, triclosan, triclocarban, and hydroquinone.
  • BEAUTY FOR ALL: e.l.f. Cosmetics provides professional-quality products at get-real prices, because we believe beauty should be accessible to every eye, lip, and face

E.L.F. High Definition Powder Corrective Yellow

৳ 800.00 ৳ 480.00

E.L.F. High Definition Powder Corrective Yellow is this high definition loose powder that creates a “soft focus” effect on the skin. It helps mask fine lines and imperfections for a radiant-looking complexion.

E.L.F. Studio Moisturizing Lipstick ROSE GO ROUND

৳ 450.00 ৳ 270.00

I think our readers just found the Miss Congeniality of red lipsticks. E.L.F. Moisturizing Lipstick in Velvet Rope goes on easily, looks beautiful, and gets along with everybody (and by everybody, we mean every complexion).

“I love this lipstick!” a voter in our 2017 Readers’ Choice Survey told us online. “It’s a lovely cherry red with a gorgeous, subtle golden sheen. The hidden lip balm is much more subdued, giving lips a natural, darkened flush. The lipstick is extremely moisturizing and is my go-to concert lipstick. It looks nice on stage, but is great for pulling together a casual outfit as well. “

E.L.F. Moisturizing Lipstick Southern Bell

৳ 450.00 ৳ 270.00

The Moisturizing Lipstick formula creates a velvety, satin texture that easily glides on lips for vibrant color and luminous shine. Enriched with Shea and Vitamins A, C, & E to nourish and hydrate the lips. The rich, creamy formula seals in moisture for long-lasting wear and comfort.

E.L.F. Blush & Bronzing Powder

৳ 800.00 ৳ 480.00
  • Contouring blush & bronzing powder.
  • Create a healthy and natural glow year-round.
  • The blush highlights the cheeks to add a flush of color.
  • The Bronzer accents and contours cheekbones for beautiful definition.

E.L.F. Lip Liner & Blending Brush-Red

৳ 400.00 ৳ 240.00

Create defined and enhanced lips that are blended to perfection! The smooth gliding pencil applies color precisely and accurately with no sharpening needed. The soft taklon bristled brush aids in blending the color evenly and naturally for a beautiful bitten lip look.

E.l.f. Makeup Remover Pen Clear

৳ 450.00 ৳ 250.00
  • Removes and corrects small makeup smudges, smears, and mistakes, and elminitaes the need to take off the rest of your makeup.
  • Infused with vitamin E, cucumber, and chamomile to moisturize and condition skin.
  • Compact design is ideal for travel and on-the-go use.
  • Cruelty-free, vegan and 100% free from Phthalates, Parabens, Nonylphenol, Ethoxylates, Triclosan, Triclocarban, and Hydroquinone.

E45 Intense Recovery Body Lotion (400ml)

৳ 950.00 ৳ 665.00

E45 Intense Recovery body lotion is specially formulated to help support your skin’s natural moisture recovery, improve skin health and restore long-lasting softness in just two weeks. Enriched with intense moisturisers, the formula developed by the skincare experts at E45 soothes, protects and restores. The gentle, perfume-free formula replenishes moisture to soothe dryness and smooth away roughness, protecting dry skin against moisture loss.

E.l.f Complexion Makeup Brush

৳ 600.00 ৳ 250.00

Achieving flawless looking skin is easy with the e.l.f. Cosmetics Complexion Brush. This soft bristled brush picks up the optimal amount of product and blends it seamlessly into skin for a natural-looking finish. e.l.f. brushes are high quality and ideal for all makeup users including those who are learning, people who wear makeup daily and professional makeup artists. Create your perfect brush set by collecting all of our affordable, quality brushes. e.l.f. Cosmetics offers a complete line of vegan and cruelty-free makeup and professional tools – all at an extraordinary value price, so there is sure to be something for everyone. See bullets and images for more information.

E.L.F. Baked Highlighter- Moon Light Pearl

৳ 650.00 ৳ 390.00

E.L.F. Baked Highlighter- Moon Light Pear

  • Create a radiant glow with a sheer wash of shimmering color
  • Infused with Vitamin E, jojoba, and grape oils
  • Can be applied wet or dry
  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free

E.L.F Flawless Eyeshadow Party Purple

৳ 400.00 ৳ 240.00

Create flawless looking eyes with brilliant eye shadow and an easy step-by-step application guide. These beautifully coordinated shadows give you a professionally contoured and defined eye that allows you to go as bold or natural as you want. The silky smooth formula glides effortlessly onto the skin for long-lasting color.

E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator

৳ 450.00 ৳ 270.00

Gently exfoliate lips to remove dry, chapped skin with our Lip Exfoliator! A sweet sugar and smoothing sensation, infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect. This Lip Exfoliator treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel.

E.LF Golden Bronzer

৳ 800.00 ৳ 480.00
  • Create a healthy-looking glow all year round
  • Sheer, soft powders provide the perfect hue
  • Easy-to-use bronzing makeup powder
  • Gives a sun-kissed look.